TENDER LOVING ANIMAL CARE                                   
"Keep Your Pets at Home,But Not Alone"
We serve the following Counties in California:
Kings and Tulare

We want to be part of your family...If you are going out of
town or not able to take care of your pet, we provide reliable,
responsible, and loving care for your best friends. Tender
Loving Animal Care has been in business for 15 years. We
are insured and bonded. Keep your pet at home, but not
alone. We provide stress free travel for you knowing
your pet is being held in Tender Loving Animal Care's

Don't Leave your pet in a Kennel where they are in a cage for days or weeks without regular human contact. They are not use to all the foreign smells, sounds and food, that remind them they are not home with you. Not to mention all the other animals they do not know, that may share their fleas, ticks and other diseases with your pet. When your pets are stressed and return home, you may find that have new behavior problems. Why submit your pet to these circumstances?

Tender Loving Animal Care takes care of your pet in your home, where they have familiar surroundings, scents and their food. We give your pet one-on-one special care while you are gone.  We visit several times a day and spend 20-30 minutes of focused time each visit with your pet.

What do we do on a typical visit?  We replenish food. Clean up any pet messes.  Play with your pet, watch TV with them or take them for a walk. Pet, hug, brush and love them. And if needed, we do administer medications. 

We love them like you love them!

We also offer other services:
Pet Taxi:  transportation to and from the vet or groomer
Dog Walking:  a more extensive walk to exercise your pet
House Sitting:  we do just house visiting for securit